Lease Rental Discounting can be applied individually or jointly with a co-applicant, if you are applying as Individuals. Private Limited Companies, Proprietorship, Partnership Firms, LLP, Limited Companies can also apply, with key stake holders in the company coming on board as co-applicants.

  • The maximum repayment period of Lease Rental Discounting can be 15 years from some lenders, subject to certain conditions.
  • The tenure of loan can be affected by Property Type as well.

There is no upper cap on the amount that can be applied by the borrower for Lease Rental Discounting. However, the amount of loan that the borrower can avail will depend on the nature of property and the specific norms of the respective lender.

Various lenders ascertain the loan amount based on the market value of the property and the Net Rental Income Received. Generally, the maximum loan amount is subject to Loan to Value Ratio for the respective Lender, it ranges from 45-90 % of the Market value of the Property. Utilize your Rental Income to get the Best Loan Amount, for your Working capital Needs, Just Click Here