General Process Of Business Loan, Steps Involved

Check your eligibility for Business Loan

Banks offer the loan amount once you fit in the various eligibility criteria like age, income and your overall profile is verified. At, our superb back-end algorithms and experienced team strives to give you adequate information about eligibility and consequently takes you to the right fit.


Choose the best deal post evaluation

Fundamental parameters like interest rates, processing fees and Loan Tenor of different banks must be compared first before making the best choice. You can refer to the comparison chart of BUSINESS LOAN interest rates at Loan Street to give you a crisp and clear look at different interest rates of top notch banks.


Apply for the Business Loan

Once the lender has been selected, you have to fill the application form and give all the required information about your financial details , networth details and current obligations and other personal and professional details. Our team at helps in fulfilling such responsibilities.


Documentation and Verification Process

BUSINESS LOAN caters largely to the Self Employed segment and a lot of documents are needed for Income assessment. Multiple iterations are possible in terms of Fresh Documentation requirement by the Lender. They have to be synced with the details in the application. Our Experts use their knowledge and Experience in the best possible way to ensure a hassle free processing of your Loan.


Credit and Default Check

Bank checks the BUSINESS LOAN eligibility of the borrower and also the credit history is checked through CIBIL score. This score is highly influential in the approval of the loan amount. A customer holding low credit score leads to straightaway rejection of the application, as it implies earlier credit defaults. Whereas a high credit score is favourable for the approval of application of BUSINESS LOAN. We update you well in advance weather your CIBIL score is enough for you to apply for loans. CIBIL score also helps in getting the best rate of interest.


Bank sanctions loan and issues a sanction letter to the borrower

Once the credit appraisal of the borrower is done, the bank decides final amount and sanctions the required BUSINESS LOAN. Also an offer letter is sent to borrower which has details like loan tenure, repayment options and rate of interest.


Acceptance Copy to the Bank

Once the borrower agrees with the terms and conditions mentioned in the offer letter he needs to send an acceptance copy to the bank.


Signing of agreement and the loan disbursal

Finally, we have reached the final step. Congratulations! As mentioned above Bank disburses the loan amount once the borrower signs the Disbursal Documentation and submit to banks.


Eight steps? Is it actually this Much? NO Relax

It’s not this complicated, it’s actually ten more times. That is why we at Loan Street are working hard to use Technology to enable a smooth ride for you on this Roller Coaster, and we will use our Experience and Knowledge to deliver the sweet end result of getting your dreams fulfilled.
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