Our CEO Mr. Vineet Jain shares points to consider before taking a home loan in

Traditionally Dussehra is the beginning of the harvest season and many associate beginning of non-farm activities with this auspicious occasion, also known as Vijayadashami. Beginning construction of a new house was one of the important non-farm activities for most of our ancestors. And many still follow it. Of course, barring a few, most of us buy our dream homes from developers and Dussehra is a good day to begin your home buying process. Buying the first dream home is a big moment for all of us and involves a lot of planning and euphoria. Yet, it can be taxing as a lot of steps are involved even after identifying our dream house, especially as it involves dependence on a home loan as well. After all, it is the lender who is going to decide how much loan amount you can borrow and therefore, it is advisable to get a pre-approved home loan in hand and then finalise the property. 

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