Book your dream home at 9% with subvention scheme

No EMI For 24 Months“, “Book Your Dream Home at Just 9% Interest Rate� and “Book Now Pay Later�, Ever got your eyes hooked on to such hoardings? Doesn’t it seem like some miraculous intervention, which is intending to help you fulfill your dream of owning a house? But wait! Let’s come to terms with the reality. This miraculous intervention is called a subvention scheme. In marketing, creating confusion is the best strategy to convince the buyer and, in this case, a builder also confuses the buyer by offering the subvention scheme.

A subvention scheme is a new form of bank financing for home loans wherein an individual applies for a loan for a property under construction, the concerned person need not pay any Pre- EMIs till a fixed period or possession i.e., all the interest till the fixed period or possession will be paid by the developer. 

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