"Balance transfer - the way forward for home loan consumers" says our CEO Vineet Jain in his article published in

Balance transfer can help you save money on interest and at the same time allow you to raise additional money to retire high cost borrowings such as credit card debt and personal loans:

Electric switch at home gets the lights on, and brightness brings cheer. Switch a.k.a. balance transfer of your home loan is also like that. First of the month is a great day, salary credited to account and lots of positive mood. But many-a-time the cheer goes away by third of that month itself as equated monthly installments (EMI) have been debited and all the bills have been paid. To protect the lifestyle one has, it is very important to manage the biggest expense every month and WHAT’s THAT? Of course, the EMI(s). So, finding an alternative lender who is going to give a better deal for the loan makes perfect sense. 

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